Our Technology

Here's how it works...

  • Each day server's routes are analyzed for feasibility.
  • The software compiles all the stops for the day whether it be serves, non serves, or attempts and then chronologically arranges them in time order from one stop to the next.
  • The system then plots all stops in the order they were made onto a map and compares the times the software says it should take to go from a-b to the time the server reported the trip took.
  • Based upon the results, the server is given a score on each serve and then an average for all serves at the end of the day.
  • With this technology, all the routes are closely monitored and there is never a doubt of the process server's location.

Can your current process server provide you with all this information on all papers at all times?

ServerTrak Results


"We have been in the collection business for about 25 years and JJL is one of the best servers we have dealt with. They are very responsive to any question or particular need. We recommend them very highly."

Ralph Marcadis
Marcadis & Associates, Florida