High Compliance Process Serving...Every Day, Only at JJL

  • With compliance, we pride ourselves on being ahead of where our clients need us to be instead of having to be pushed to be compliant.
  • Advanced, proprietary 9-point 100% internal audit by our well-staffed internal audit department of every service attempt by every server every day to ensure affidavit validity and accuracy.
  • GPS verified /time/date stamped photos of every serve, non-serve and attempt evidencing the service location at time of service.
  • Feasibility scoring of the time between all service attempts to identify unrealistic over-performance and cross-checking that all server attempts are within legal days and hours.
  • The industry’s only FDCPA sensitivity training regularly provided for JJL process servers and staff.
  • Tight monitoring of state/county licenses and bonding, active driver’s licenses and automobile insurance and criminal background checks for process servers.
  • SSAE 16 and SOC 1 certification in place, the first to achieve this in the process serving industry.
  • JJL is in full compliance with the recommended standards from the recent Process Serving Standards Summit.
  • Full-time in-house compliance counsel.
  • TrueServe annual certification of process servers in the field. This is an 8-hour education multi-section course with testing for each section. The components of the course are general process serving, state-specific process serving and collection industry-specific process serving.
  • Secret Servee program taking the secret shopper concept to process serving in order to identify any lapses in the consumer experience. This innovative program is conducted with all servers each year.
  • ALL THIS and MORE!

JJL the Technology AND Compliance Leader in Process Serving

The TrueServe™ Initiative

What is TrueServe™ initiative?

The TrueServe™ Initiative is the result of many years of industry research and a direct response to the process serving industry's need for accountability and technology to help ensure "TRUTH IN SERVICE OF PROCESS".

Are high service rates always a good thing?

Not Always! Many factors have to be considered when looking for good service percentages and it can vary significantly. This is why technology should and must play a big role when verifying a process server's numbers. You can't simply compare "SERVE to NON SERVE" percentages.

Do you know what your REAL service rate is?

Does your process server employ the latest technology to protect your firm?

Simply having a website is not enough. If all you can do is check "status" and print affidavits, chances are it's not even their website, it's a third party software company they pay monthly to use their service.

Do you know if...

  1. If their website is secure? (SSL Certified?)
  2. Do they use an outside source for storing data? (Where is it stored?)
  3. Is the data backed up? (if so, how often?)
  4. Who has access to your data? (Most likely shared access)
  5. Do they use SERVERTRAK ™?
  6. Do they use the "TrueServe™ iPhone application?

What are the tell-tale signs that my papers are not receiving the proper care?

  1. When a process server avoids returning your calls and emails.
  2. When your staff can't give you a prompt answer because they have not received the information from the server.
  3. When you see an increase in last minute "NON-SERVES"
  4. When you check attempt information and there are none for seven or more days after the file was issued.

Is your staff standing in the way of getting the best service possible?

We are of the opinion that everyone should know what the industry offers and what their competition may be doing differently.

The "gatekeeper", usually the receptionist is actually making important decisions when fielding calls and may turn away potential process serving companies like JJL that can streamline service of process providing improved, cost effective service. Many times employees feel that with the addition of new technologies, their job could be in jeopardy and may try to avoid "CHANGE" as much as possible.

Employees who have established long term relationships with local process servers may allow personal feelings to interfere when a decision is to be made which can cost the firm money and clients. This is many times unfortunate, but true.

Sometimes the "We will look for a process server if we need one" attitude delays opportunities from happening.

We also understand that business is business and sometimes employees make "personal" decisions that affect your firm's bottom line.

Our technology is designed to save you time and money. Contact us for more information or to receive a quote.


"JJL is by far the best process serving company out there! They offer top of the line technology. You can't go wrong with JJL. I have worked with the rest, now with the best, JJL!"

Chris Z., Process Server
Miami - Florida