TrueServe App for iPhone

Our Technology

JJL Process is the first to introduce an exclusive iPhone App for process servers.

  • Date+Time stamped
  • GPS Verified
  • Photographic evidence

... every serve, every attempt, everytime!

Here's how it works...

  • Server arrives at an address and opens the iPhone app.
  • GPS confirms the server's location where the paper is to be served
  • Once the location is confirmed, the app asks the server to take a photo of the residence (providing time and date stamped photographic proof of his attempted address along with GPS coordinates.)
  • After the attempt or the serve, the app once again confirms the server's proximity to the address and unlocks the record for him to update.
  • At this time the server either adds his attempt and what happened or enters his service information which instantly updates your database and is immediately available for viewing online.
  • The server then selects the next closest paper from his queue and receives a map from the system on how to get there so he can start the process all over again.

TrueServe iPhone app


"We have been in the collection business for about 25 years and JJL is one of the best servers we have dealt with. They are very responsive to any question or particular need. We recommend them very highly."

Ralph Marcadis
Marcadis & Associates, Florida