JJL Technology Wins Quash Hearings

June 1, 2011 – Twice last month, the technology of JJL Process Corporation won quash hearings. In the first case, the defendant’s motion to quash service of process was denied. The judge based her decision on JJL’s iPhone GPS coordinate/time/date stamped photograph of the location where the defendant was served combined with the detailed JJL description of the defendant, particularly that he was “bald”. The defendant’s attorney subsequently settled the case.

In the second case, JJL’s iPhone photograph and JJL’s record of the exact name of the person served (defendant’s wife, who had a different last name) were presented as evidence. This evidence convinced the defendant’s attorney to cancel the quash hearing and settle the case.

Scott Levine, President of JJL, said “nothing validates our focus on innovative technology better than great outcomes for our clients.”

About JJL Process Corporation

With over 20 years of industry experience, JJL Process Corporation is a Process Serving Agency that specializes in serving collection papers. Through advanced proprietary technology and forward thinking, JJL has established itself as the technology and compliance leader in the industry. The difference between JJL and the others is JJL continues to develop advanced proprietary technologies which allow them to increase efficiency while offering services and compliance to clients that are not available with traditional Process Serving agencies. This is evidenced by the release of their new TrueServe™ iPhone and now Droid apps, ServerTrak™ software and the founding of the True Serve Initiative™ which greatly increases the accountability of servers and the information they return.

JJL Contact: Joel Rosenthal, (561) 312-7602 (phone) or Joel.Rosenthal@jjlprocess.com