JJL Technologies Offers Online Licensing of TrueServe™ -- the Definitive Process Serving Business Solution Featuring a Newly-Patented Apple iPhone™ App

JJL’s TrueServe process serving software features a newly-patented Apple iPhone™ app that documents every service attempt with irrefutable GPS, date/time stamped photo and data evidence captured on location. The app will also be available on the Droid™ OS platform later this year.

West Palm Beach, FL, June 12, 2010 -- JJL Technologies Corp. (JJL) is now offering online licensing of its TrueServe™ proprietary business solution software capable of sophisticated data management processes, as well as offering total management control and oversight of all aspects of a process serving company’s day-to-day operations. TrueServe is not just one of many process serving computer programs available to meet basic business needs. Instead, it’s a dynamic program designed to assist entrepreneurial owners evolve and take their process serving companies to the next level of growth and profitability based on a proven system developed with 20 years of practical know-how and experience.

TrueServe licensees – from independent process servers to companies serving 7,500 papers or more per month – will all utilize JJL’s newly-patented Apple iPhone™ app that automatically captures field-based GPS, date/time stamped photo and data evidence on location of every paper successfully served, non-served, or service attempt made. The innovative iPhone application is downloadable from the iTunes™ Store and currently undergoing additional software development so that the system’s functionality will be available on alternative SmartPhones later this year, including the Droid™ OS platform.

JJL’s online licensing initiative follows successful debuts for TrueServe at recent industry conventions, including the 28th Annual Conference of the National Association of Process Servers (NAPPS) in Orlando, FL, April 29-May 1, 2010; and, the National Association of Retail Collection Attorneys (NARCA) 2010 Spring Collection Conference in Washington, D.C., May 13-15, 2010.

“We are very pleased by the positive response to TrueServe’s online licensing availability, as well as the enthusiastic interest we received from attendees at both the NAPPS and NARCA conferences,” said Scott Levine, President & CEO of JJL Technologies Corp. “The advances that have differentiated JJL as a process serving industry leader are now accessible to other companies who wish to utilize the identical state-of-the-art technology our own debt collection, subrogation and foreclosure clients have benefited from for years.”

“TrueServe’s technological advances, unparalleled accuracy and real-time iPhone documentation of all service attempts made not only keeps process servers honest, it virtually eliminates fraudulent service of process,” Levine continued. “This advantage is especially important in complying with emerging legislation – as recently passed in March by the New York City Council (Int 0006-2010, Version A) – regarding process server licensing, agency liability insurance, and regulations drafted to prevent fraud by requiring creation of an ‘electronic record of service’ for every case, including time, date and GPS location.”

In addition to TrueServe’s powerful web-based data management system and customizable reporting capabilities supported by world-class software and the newly-patented iPhone app, key features include:

JJL Technologies Corp. is an offshoot of JJL Process Corp., one of the Southeast’s largest process serving companies. Headquartered in West Palm Beach, FL, JJL Process Corp. provides service of process to clients in FL, GA, AL, TN and NV while handling an estimated 20,000 papers per month. To access TrueServe’s online licensing options, please visit the TrueServe website @ www.mytrueserve.com, or contact JJL Marketing @ 877-458-8555.


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