5 Ways to Protect your organization from the Recent Process Serving Scandals

Just this month, two major newspapers ran stories on two different process serving scandals. If you did not see these, here are the links:

Minneapolis Star Tribune --



Denver Post --



Here are 5 Ways to protect your organization from a process serving scandal --

1. GPS and Auditing -- Use a process server who captures a GPS verified/time/date-stamped record of every attempt evidencing the service location. But this alone is not good enough. Capturing that information is no different than recording phone calls and not listening to the recordings. It is very important that your process server also audits every service attempt for compliance and quality. This greatly increases the accountability of the servers and the information they return. Your process server should also make it easy for your organization to audit their GPS records for at least three key components – existence of a GPS record, quality of the record (e.g. does the photo record look normal or unusual) and GPS location vs. document location.

2. Conflicts of Interest -- Organizations or their principals should not have any ownership position in the process serving companies that the organization uses without full and total disclosure to all of the organization’s litigation clients. If there is any possibility of a conflict of interest, disclose and let your clients decide if there is a conflict.

3. Do Not Upcharge -- Litigation organizations should not pass along to their clients or to consumers a higher cost for process serving expenses than they are paying for process serving.

4. Reputation Risk -- Vet your process servers for any current or historical issues. For example, attorney general investigations/settlements, multi-million dollar class action suits/settlements or large tax lien issues.

5. Process Serving Standards Compliance -- Use a process server that is compliant with the standards that resulted from the Process Serving Standards Summit. Please email me for a copy of the standards.

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